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Payment Options

Our standard payment terms: Net 30days

Our budget plan is available to those customers who wish to pay for their propane in 12 monthly installments. The plan starts at the end of August.

Pre-Pay Fixed Price Plan. Customers also have the option to pay for all or a portion of their propane needs in advance at the beginning of the heating season. The amount is payable by the beginning of September. The price is fixed and discounted from your regular-posted price. Once you have used your pre-paid gallons, your price will revert to the regular-posted price. Any other charges such as service or rentals must be paid in order to maintain your credit balance and continue fixed price deliveries.

If you are interested in the Budget or Pre-Pay Fixed Price Plan, please e-mail or call the office for specific pricing and details.

Minimum Deliveries

Tank Size Minimum Delivery

  • 50-250 gallons Fill
  • 320 gallon 200 gallons
  • 500 gallon 250 gallons
  • 1000 gallon 500 gallon


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